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These premade presentations — while embedded in the lesson plans throughout the JEA curriculum — can also be adapted for use in your own classroom lectures. All presentations are .pptx files.


Dissecting Design

Understanding Typography


Alternative Story Forms

Review Examples

Newspaper Samples

Yearbook Samples

Elements of Good Design

Layout Sizes and Newspaper Terms

Anatomy of Type


Color Combinations


Choosing Verbs

How to Improve a Cutline

Fact-checking like the Pros

Copy Editing Symbols

Style Notes

Active and Passive Voice

Verb tenses

Verb aspect

Verb mood


Adding a Publication

Don’t Let Your Alum Be Mum

We Built This Community: A Case Study of a Community-Building Journalism Project

Advertising vs. Fundraising

Ad Sales, Not Bad Sales! Planning Ahead to Sell Ads and Writing a Script

Digital Publicity


Ethics of Social Media

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Featuring…YOUR STORY!

Grand Blanc High School Case Study

Types of Entrepreneurship

Market Research

Sales and Marketing Concepts

Selling Yearbooks

Understanding Budgeting Concerns

Publication Branding

This Brand is Your Brand: Developing Your Yearbook Theme into Your Brand

Using Social Media Effectively

Using Statistical Data

What is Entrepreneurship

Writing for Social Media

Law and Ethics

Creating a Mission Statement

Tinker Sample

Ethical Reporting, Day 1

Ethical Reporting, Day 2

Law vs. Ethics

Ethical Situations

Copyright Law

Freedom of Information Law

Libel Law

Press Freedom

Privacy Law

Reporter’s Privilege Law

One Ethical Approach — Red Light, Green Light

Tuff Formula

Leadership and Team Building

MBTI Four-Letter Results Background

Decorated Classrooms Around the Country

Decorating Your Classroom


Basics of Beginning a Staff Manual