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Unit 1: News Writing

News Defined: What is News?

News Values: What Makes It News

The Basic News Lead: 5 W’s and H

News Writing Structure

Practicing Form: Fairy Tale News Stories

Finding the News

The Right Source

Establishing a Beat System

Analyzing the Pros: Reading News from a News Writer’s Perspective

Analyzing Peers: Evaluating Write-off News Entries

News Writing Tips and Tricks

Beyond the Snore: Covering Annual Events

Revising and Editing

Using Reading Strategies to Peer Edit

Types of News Stories

Writing Briefs

Writing a Preview Story

Writing Sports News

Analyzing Peers: Evaluating Write-off Sports Entries

Using Alternative Formats and Polls

Writing Headlines

Unit 2: Feature Writing

Resource: Feature Writing Examples

News Reports vs. Feature Stories

Types of Feature Stories

Finding Features: 20 Stories About Lockers

Modeling a Profile Interview

Conducting the First Interview

Laundry Lists and Magical Second Interviews

Analyzing Peers: Evaluating Write-off Feature Entries

Personality Profiles

Introduction to Personality Profiles

Personality Profile: Finding a Theme and Gathering Information

Team Interviewing Fishbowl

Developing Questions for a Profile

Finding and Focusing for Fast Turnaround

Building Scenes

Introduction to Vignettes

Writing a Vignette

Revising to Be Heard

Building Background: Starting the Reporting Process


Start Strong, End Strong

What’s in the Middle

What’s in the Middle of Your Profile

Unit 3: Opinion Writing

Difference Between News and Opinion

Parts of an Opinion Section

Types of Opinion Stories

Analyzing Peers: Evaluating Write-off Commentary Entries


Editorials and News

Types of Editorials

Ethical Concerns with Editorials

Using Evidence in Editorials

Organizing an Editorial


Developing Problem-Solution Counterarguments

Using Evidence to Support Opinions

Editorial Voice

Evaluating Editorials with a Rubric

Analyzing Peers: Evaluating Write-off Editorial Entries

Peer Editing and Sharing


Say Something With Columns

Brainstorming Column Ideas

Tone in Column Writing

Peer Revision

Becoming a Columnist

Descriptive Writing and Expertise

Ethics in Column Writing


Parts of a Review

Ethics, Leadership and Reviews

Review Assessment

Peer Revision on Reviews

Analyzing Peers: Evaluating Write-off Review Entries

A&E Sections

Top 10 Reasons to Write a List Review


A Sneaky Introduction to Satire

Introduction to Satire

Ethics and Satire

Avoiding Libel in Satire

What are Editorial Cartoons?

Designing an Editorial Cartoon