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Leadership and Team Building

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Resources: Sample Staff Manuals

Creating A Staff Manual

Organizing Your Staff

Assigning Job Descriptions to Leadership

Learning How Personality Types Can Influence Leadership

Training Leaders How to be Leaders

Creating a Leadership Commitment Contract

Developing a Grading System That Works for You and Your Staff Members

Using Online Document Management Systems

Developing Ice Breakers

Developing Staff Commitment (Hosting A Wedding)

Individual and Group Goal Setting for Returning Media Staff

Individual and Group Goal Setting for New Media Staff

Plastic Wrap the Team

Creating First-Five Mini-Lessons for Journalism Classes

Yearbook Branding Goal Setting

Creating a Mentoring Program and a Middle School Journalism Workshop

Discovering Your Diversity

Starting A Parent Support Organization

Planning an End-of-Year Staff Banquet

Starting A Staff Alumni Association

Choosing Staff Leaders and Recruiting Staff

Recruiting Your Staff

Planning a Staff Retreat or Boot Camp

Planning for Back-To-School Night or Fee Days

Developing a Student Leadership Portfolio

Developing a Presentation for Your School Board

Role Playing

Executing An Editorial Board Meeting

Learning About Your Leadership Style

Leading Coverage During an Election Cycle

Staff Community Service or School Service Project

Creating a Fun Director Position on Your Staff

Working With Your School Board, Administration and Community


Organizing Trips to Conventions, Planning a jDay and jCamp

Developing A Pitch For An Honors Journalism Program At Your School

Decorating/Accessorizing Your Publication Room

Developing a Student PLC for Leadership Growth

Using the Maestro Approach

Pat on the Back

Clear the Air