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Unit 1 — The History of Photojournalism

Judge A Paper By Its Cover

Exploring The History Of Photojournalism

What Makes A Photo Powerful?

And The Pulitzer Goes To…

History of Photojournalism: Assess

Unit 2 —  Photojournalism in the Newsroom

In The Midst Of Tragedy

10 Questions to Ask Before Taking a Photo

To Print Or Not To Print?

A Picture Never Lies

Working with Reporters

Social Media + Photography

Photojournalism in the Newsroom: Assess

Five things to spend your budget on

Unit 3 — Basics of Photojournalism

Capture The Moment

Play By The [Composition] Rules

How do I…?

10 Questions to Ask Before Taking A Photo

Caption Writing & Headlining

News and Feature Photos

Photo Essay Design

Basics of Photojournalism: Review & Assess

Unit 4 — Tips & Tricks

Sports Photos

What’s In A Lens?

Taking Portraits


Flash Photography

Photography in Motion

Portfolios: Review & Assess

Unit 5 — Exposure

Aspects of Exposure

Presentations & Practice

Shooting in Manual

Using Histograms to Adjust Exposure

Assessment of Exposure

Unit 6 — The Digital Darkroom

Choosing Photos for Publication

What’s In A File Name?

Photo Editing Basics

Cropping for Impact

Pushing Photo Editing Boundaries

Photoshop Adjustment Layers

Making Selections in Photoshop

Cutout Backgrounds in Photoshop

Photo Organizational Systems

Using Adobe Bridge for File Management

Photo Editing Review & Assess

Unit 7 — Portfolios and Assessment

Final Photojournalism Portfolios

Comprehensive Photojournalism Review & Exam