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Using data to cover a beat

Description Students read a blog post on using data to find stories, then apply the principles to their own beat coverage and generate story ideas. Objectives Students will be able to read and extract the main ideas from an article. Students will discuss and evaluate the …

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Podcasts are just like writing a beat

Description Students will listen to a podcast of their choice and analyze the elements contained within to understand how the audio format is closely related to writing they already understand. Objectives Students will analyze a podcast for its content. Students will recognize elements within the podcast …

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Critiquing your website for awards

Description The focus of this lesson is to allow students to review current design in web design and content, They will then compare their own content to what others have done and make adaptations based on that comparison. Objectives Students will understand current trends in web …

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Covering an event for a beat

Description As the primary type of coverage done on the web, students need to quickly become proficient in writing beats online. In this lesson, students will learn how to plan beat coverage and then, as a class, cover a schoolwide event. It would be helpful for …

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Creating infographics with Piktochart

Description Students will learn about stories on the web that highlight data and the rationale for using a free online creation tool called Piktochart. Then they will create their own data visualization using this tool. Objectives Students will create a multimedia data visualization. Students will appropriately …

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