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Photo portfolios: review & assess


During this 3-day lesson, students will review the skills they have learned over this unit.  They will present miniature portfolios to the class as a way of demonstrating their knowledge and showcasing the skills they have learned when it comes to natural lighting, portraits, motion, sports photography and lens choice.


  • Students will showcase their knowledge of natural lighting, portraits, motion, sports photography and lens choice. They will prepare a presentation that showcases their learning and present it effectively and concisely to others.
  • Students will use feedback during presentations to strengthen their poise, language usage, and thoroughness of explanations.


Three 45-minute lessons


Computer access for small group presentations

Class set: Tips & tricks portfolio assignment/rubric

Slideshow: Sample Tips & Tricks Portfolio

Handout: Feedback Form for Small Groups

Lesson step-by-step

Days 1 & 2

1. Assign project — 5 minutes

Split students up into small groups.  In those groups, assign each student one topic (sports, portraits, motion, lighting, lenses) and give students 5 minutes to brainstorm everything they remember learning over the past two weeks about their topic.

2. Class share — 10 minutes

Ask students to share what they discussed with the class.  (Students should be listening to each other as a way of reviewing skills that will help them in their Portfolio).

3. Slideshow — 20 minutes

Go through sample Tips & Tricks Portfolio slideshow together. For each photo, ask students to share positive and negative feedback to evaluate what the photographer did well and what the photographer could have improved upon.

4. Work time — 55 minutes

Students have the rest of the time to be working on their Tips & Tricks Portfolios.

Day 3

1. Presentations — 40 minutes

Split students up into groups of 4 (each group needs access to a computer). Each student should take five minutes to share his/her Tips & Tricks portfolio with the class.  After each presentation, have the other students in the group complete a quick evaluation form and give their feedback to the presenter.  Then, the next student should start his/her presentation.

2. Debrief — 5 minutes

What was easy about the presentation in small groups?  What was more challenging?  If you had the chance, is there anything you would go back and change about your portfolio or your presentation?

Make sure all portfolios get submitted to the teacher for grading at the end of the period.