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Design foundations – day 4: InDesign basics

Description This is day four of a four-week unit plan that helps students learn the basic terminology, functions and foundations of design. Topics covered include typography, color, grids, formatting, spacing, measurements and modular design.   Objectives Students will identify the four basic categories of type. Students …

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10 questions to ask before taking a photo

Description This lesson will encourage photographers to move away from simple point-and-shoot, selfie-rich photography to making several critical decisions before taking each photo.   Objectives Students will describe their thought process behind a selected photograph. Students will produce a series of images representing slightly different decisions …

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Editing cutlines and captions

Description Students will learn to edit and revise cutlines, also called captions, for style, length and accuracy.   Objectives Students will ensure cutlines are accurate. Students will edit cutlines to include all necessary parts. Students will consider the importance of word choice and style.   Common …

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Fact checking 1

Description Editing is more than putting commas in the right places and following AP style. An important editing job is fact checking. In today’s media-rich world, sometimes sources get things wrong, and it’s important for all media to maintain its credibility. These tips will help students …

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