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Unit 1 — Entrepreneurship Basics

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship vs. Reporting

Entrepreneurship in Scholastic Journalism

Evaluating Your Entrepreneurship

Crafting an Entrepreneurial Vision

Don’t Let Your Alum Be Mum: The Power of an Alumni Base to Build Identity, Credibility and Support for Your Program

We Built This Community: A Case Study of a Community-Building Journalism Project

Unit 2 — Knowing Your Audience

Defining a Market Audience

Creating Market Research Surveys

Evaluating Survey Results

Assessment of Introductory and Audience Interaction Units

Unit 3 — Reaching Your Audience

Social Media 101

Writing for Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Choosing Social Media Tools

Social Media Ethics: Reader Comments

Crafting Social Media Policies

Featuring…YOUR STORY!

Audience Involvement and Tragedy

Unit 4 — Managing Your Publication

Dollars and Sense

Publication Branding

This Brand is Your Brand: Developing Your Yearbook Theme into Your Brand

Are My Blood, Sweat and Tears Showing? Let Others in on Your ‘Scenius’

Adding a New Publication

Distributing a Product

Unit 5 — Money Matters

Understanding Budgeting Concerns

Advertising vs. Fundraising

Creating an Advertising Plan

Ad Sales, Not Bad Sales! Planning Ahead to Sell Ads and Writing a Script

Managing Online Advertising

Pitch a Fundraiser

Creating a Large-Scale Fundraiser

Selling Yearbooks

Publication Marketing Presentations

Assessment of Publication Marketing Unit

Unit 6 — Experiential Project

Experiential Project