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Gifted and Talented Students

Below is a list of existing lessons in the JEA curriculum that curriculum leaders have identified as appropriate for gifted and talented learners, with notes from curriculum leaders about any minimal adaptations.

Principles Of Design Basics
Note: Combine with lesson on Design Basics for Double-Page spreads (next item on list)

Design Basics For Double-page Spreads


Choosing Engaging Verbs

Editing To Avoid Slanted Language
Note: Students should explain the implications of the original, slanted language and/or describe potential effects on credibility or accuracy.


Social Media 101


Law and Ethics
When Journalists Must Navigate Ethical Situations

Researching About Court Cases Important To Student Journalists


News Gathering
Conducting A Press Conference


News Literacy
Why News Matters

When Journalists Must Advocate For Themselves

Evaluating Website Credibility
Note: Students should be allowed to add more criteria after exploring several examples.


Play By The [Composition] Rules

Capture The Moment
Note: Allow for students to attempt to capture photos that fit each level. Create a true gallery walk.


Planning A Multimedia Package (Team Reporting)

Understanding The Why In Online Story Package Design


Revising And Editing News Stories

Analyzing Peers: Evaluating Write-off Feature Entries 

Introduction To Satire
Note: Switch order of lesson. Identify elements and examples, then clarify with direct instruction.

Editorial Cartoons
Note: Discussion should allow for students to explore/identify principles before direct instruction