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Middle School Students

Below is a list of existing lessons in the JEA curriculum that curriculum leaders have identified as appropriate for middle school students, with notes from curriculum leaders about any minimal adaptations.

Dissecting Design

Digging Into Typography
Notes: Pare down PPT

Understanding Color Day 1
Understanding Color Day 2
Notes: Use Google Slides/PPT instead of Indesign

Principles of Design Basics
Notes: Spread out over 2 days

Principles of Design Analysis

Putting the Puzzle Together
Notes: Spread out over 2 or 3 days

Make Your Mark

Typical Type
Notes: Introduce concepts first, and then follow with activity the next day

Why the Font?  

Be a Little More Negative
Notes: Pare down activity to fit in one day or spread out over two days

Sidebar, Your Honor?


Active and Passive Voice

Choosing Engaging Verbs 


Law and Ethics
Overview of the First Amendment

Researching About Court Cases Important to Student Journalists
Notes: Spread lesson over two-three days

Examining States’ Student Free Expression Status


News Literacy
Understanding News Literacy 

Evaluating Your Media Savvy
Notes: Pairs with “Understanding News Literacy” Lesson above

Why News Matters


News Writing
News Defined-What is News?  

News Writing Structure
Notes: Pare down the slideshow

Comparing Print and Online Journalism
Notes: Make this a two-day lesson


What Makes a Photo Powerful 

Social Media + Photography
Notes: Spread out over two days

Capture the Moment
Notes: Use second differentiation already in lesson

How Do I….?
Notes: Consider showing pictures of the settings

Sports Photos
Notes: Spread over two days and consider using phone cameras

Notes: Spread over two days

Aspects of Exposure
Notes: Pare down the presentations to simplify and take less time