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Photo editing review & assess


In this lesson, students will showcase what they have learned by taking a quiz over the skills from this unit.


Two 45-minute classes


Class set: Photo Editing Quiz

Photo Editing Quiz key

Printed copies of the photos for review OR electronic copies saved in a shared location 

Lesson step-by-step

Day 1

1. Instructions — 5 minutes

Put students into small groups for the day. Give each group access to all six review photos for the day OR the electronic copies. Explain that in today’s activity, each member of the group will be responsible for walking the rest of the group through any editing decisions that he/she thinks is appropriate. (Cropping, color adjustment, etc). This work could be theoretical OR students could actually make the changes using a photo editing software, depending on availability to technology.  After one group member says what he/she thinks should be done with the photo, allow other students in the group to give feedback and discuss. Then, another group member should discuss the next photo, and the process repeats.

**Reminder: Tell students that if they are working on electronic copies of the photos, they should File > Save As and then work in the copy, NOT in the original photo.

2. Group work — 25 minutes

Give students time to work in their groups to discuss the photos.

3. Debrief — 5 minutes

Debrief. Share a little bit about your experience discussing editing decisions with a group. When group members disagreed about what should be done, why did that happen? (Students may say that they disagreed about what the most important aspect of the photo is or what the “story” of the photo was – this is a challenge when the photographer isn’t the one making those decisions!)

4. Review — 10 minutes

Spend the last ten minutes of class orally reviewing other aspects of Photo Editing unit. Have students share what they remember from the File Name webquest as well as ethical considerations that photojournalists need to consider when it comes to editing photos and choosing which photos to include in a newspaper or yearbook.

Day 2

1. Quiz — 45 minutes

Pass out the Photo Editing quiz & give students the entire period to complete.

Optional Performance-Based Assessment

The best way to assess many of these photo editing skills involves having students show you that they know how to do these tricks. Depending on how your access to computers and photo editing software, it may be easiest to do a performance-based assessment, where you take small groups of students to a computer lab area and ask them to work independently to perform certain tasks in a photo editing program.  You can observe from a short distance and make marks on a clipboard about how well a student knows how to do those skills.