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Resources: Feature writing examples

Personality profile

“Extreme Weight Loss”

“Injury Prone”

“Going Back Home”

“Learning at a Fast Pace”

“Never Lose Faith”

“The Art of Getting Up”

“Expects Nothing, Appreciates Everything”

“Against the Wind”

“One in a Million”

“Jamie Humphrey”

“Buitendorp twins”

“Welcome to tally hall”

“Sedaris fever” (chunked organization)

“It ain’t easy being Jeezy”

“United and unified”

“Ruhi Qurashi: The Passionate Muslim Gymnast”

“Bryan Taico: Not Just ‘the Kid with the UGGs’”

“Raupin’ dimes”

“Strong-Hearted After Heart Surgery”

“Love of the game”

“High expectations” (yearbook sports)

“Benched” (yearbook sports)

“Back in action” (yearbook sports)

“Going their own way”

“For the love of the game”

“Facing the future” (with sidebar)

“The sound of silence”

“First-time field hockey freshman claims spot on varsity”

“Halfway across the Earth: Yena Berhane”

“From Denmark to Detroit”

“Go figure”

“David Mogk”

“I am trueGPN”

“Living the dream”

“Captain Steve Jones”

“Athletic trainer Sarah Florida”

“Let’s go”

“Horseback riding for chumps”

“One wheel works”

“Making medalists”

Human interest

“Phantom of the Opera” (yearbook)

“Dying to be thin” (includes sidebars)

“An evil addiction”

“Expression in hiding” (chunked organization with sidebars)

“Slowly chipping away” (chunked organization with sidebar)

“An answer that never comes” (chunked organization)

“Larsen’s legacy” (with sidebars)


“Rising above the ashes” (chunked organization)


“A Light in the Darkness” (chunked organization with sidebar)

“Going in blind for Valentine’s Day”

“Same Love” (yearbook spread includes three stories)

“Rodgers and Reynolds Escape the Flames”

“Sink or swim” (yearbook sports)

“A time to recover” (yearbook sports spread with story and alt copy)

“Cyclist wins race despite age difference” (yearbook sports spread with story & alternative copy)

“Filling the void”

“Genius with feathers: Meet Phineas”

“Young and restless” (yearbook sports)

“It’s only weird if it doesn’t work” (yearbook sports)

“This is his story” (yearbook spread with story and alt copy)

“My Sandy Hook”

“Saved by an ICEE”

“The 6th man” (yearbook sports)

“Taking ‘new beginnings’ to the next level” (yearbook sports)

“Points to pushups” (yearbook sports)

“Great expectations” (yearbook sports)

“Carrying on the family tradition”

“Big cleats to fill” (yearbook sports)

“Beyond the whistle” (yearbook sports)

“All about photography” (yearbook with story and alt copy)

“Agua for Managua”

“The man on the side of the road” (strong dialogue)

“Going their own way”

“For the love of the game”

“Facing the future” (with sidebar)

“How much is too much”

“Insta-North” (alternative copy with profiles)

“From Denmark to Detroit”

“Students sacrifice time for their craft”

“Twenty years of Detroit theater”

“For some teens job search yields disappointment”

“A trip to Italy”

“Detroit’s determination”

“Some pain, all glory”

“The Mosas: a family’s pilgrimage from war to freedom”

“Student band gets jump start”

“The magic cube”

“Go ape or go home”

“Letters for hope”

“Through roller derby”


“To protect & to serve”

“Custom made”

“Introducing the marquesas”

“Ready, set, grow” (multi-part)

“Let’s go”

“Tugging on heartstrings”

“Lighten up it was just a joke” (multi-part)

“Cheer up”

“Walking with Ryan”

“Where I was when the tornado hit”

Behind the scenes

“Lunch with the president”

“From classroom to cages”

“Tunnels explored, rumors debunked”

“Going in blind for Valentine’s Day”

“Stepping up the Sound”

Analysis piece

“Dying to be thin” (includes sidebars)

“A budget divided” (chunked organization with sidebars)

“A look behind the curtain” (chunked organization with sidebar article “Ensuring security”

“An evil addiction”

“Expression in hiding”

“Slowly chipping away” (chunked organization with sidebar)

“Identity crisis” (chunked organization)


“Tracking every move” (with sidebars)

“Students from Ohio School Shooting Share Experiences”

“Hop to it” (yearbook spread with stories and alt copy)

“#spreadingthelove” (yearbook spread with stories and alt copy)

“The battle is on: in- versus out-of-state colleges”

“Spanish teacher makes switch” (with infographic)

“Committee researches block scheduling” (with infographic)

“ACT and MME raise pressures for juniors, district”

“District switches to Naviance”

“State mandates pledge”

“Technology bond” (with infographic)

“Contract yields new tutorial expectations and guidelines”

“Teachers, district hammer out new contract”

“Dartmouth decision spurs debate” (would work well with “Gaps in learning”)

“Through FAFSA, soon-to-be college students receive financial aid” (with infographic)

“The evil in the ink”

“District adds four new medical courses”

“Making the car a no-phone zone”

“Watch your step”

“PSAT offers scholarship opportunities”

“Building toward the future”

“Gaps in learning” (would work well with “Dartmouth decisions”)

“All Hayao”

“State of grind”

“Customized counseling”

“Supplemental reading”

“Catching the college fire” (multi-part with infographics)

Trend story

“What the f?” (with sidebar)

“Thrifting allows students to expand wardrobes”

“Horned Homestuckers”


“Identity Crisis” (chunked organization)

“Random fandoms” (yearbook spread with stories and alt copy)

“A serious netflixion” (infographic and profiles)

“Welcome to the fan-mily” (with sidebars)

“A caffeinated existence” (feature and infographic)

“Zumba” (with sidebars)

“Students utilize upper gym after school” (multi-part coverage)

“The pressure’s on”

Flashback / historical

“Paving the way” (chunked organization with sidebar)

“Fifty years later, a dream revisited”

How-to / explanatory

“Tunnels explored, rumors debunked”

“Tradition & Trouble: Gotcha”

“How to make a yummy homemade latte or mocha”

“College: finding the right fit” (chunked organization)

“Wireless” (infographic)

“Can a smart phone be too smart”

“Do it yourself fashion”

Consumer guide

“Destination Detroit”

“Consumer guide: last-minute holiday finds”

“Can a smart phone be too smart” (includes consumer tips)

“Horseback riding for chumps” (not a buyer guide, but informational)